Vision Boards Are Old News

Creating an ACTION Board is where it’s at! I am sitting here in my office typing away while my action board peeks ever so slightly above my computer screen. Every time I see it, it reminds me of what I’m truly working for and I get a rush of renewed energy and focus. I created this action board back in August 2015 and it has taken on a life of its own!


My Vision board is all about living in Nature being confident and free. This board of ‘look at all this cool stuff I truly want’ has turned into a 4 month road trip plan all over the US from Key West to Anchorage. Who knew?!  

I must have made a Gajillion vision boards previously and although I do love them I really wanted something ELSE.

vision board is a powerful process to use as inspiration for your journey toward your ideal life. Also called a Dream or Inspiration Board where you post magazine pictures, create drawings and add motivating words on a large piece of paper.

I’ve attended several workshops on Vision Boards as the attendee and supporter, I’d paste on photos of Jennifer Aniston envisioning aging gracefully, a weight goal number, income goals, leadership roles, etc. but every time I went to a workshop I feel as if I was missing the true point all along. (and it turns out, I was)

My vision boards were really powerful in some ways, but in the end was merely just a vision….

It wasn’t until after 5 years of vision boarding I realized what it was: ACTION. My vision was lacking ACTION! 

Ta-Dah! That is how Action boarding was created. This formula taps into the deepest parts of yourself and blooms a picture of the life you truly want not the one you think you want. 

My Action board maps out daily activities that make me my happiest, words of affirmation that remind me to be free and it defines the difference between setting goals and creating a life.

Vision boarding is heavily feelings based that creates a lifestyle you desire in a more creative ‘what if’ approach. An ACTION board is taking that beautiful vision you have for your life and working backwards to what you can do today to achieve it.
What you will need:
-A piece of paper. (large or small, your choice.)
-Glue, scissors, tape
-A few friends (optional)
How to start your Action Board:
-Draw a circle in the middle of your board: Inside that circle write out your top 5 values.
-Draw a Square around your circle and in-between the spaces write two emotional states you’re the most productive in. (for example I am most productive when I am inspired or humbled.)
In an open part of the square, list as many activities as you can that cultivate your most productive emotions. (IE Listen to podcasts, exercise, random acts of kindness, reading, create art, meditation, nature walk, spending time with XYZ person, cleaning, the beach, gardening, etc)
Close your eyes and picture your ideal life as if it were today. Where are you? What are you wearing? Who are you with? How much money do you have in the bank, if any? What kind of house do you have- or where do you call home?  Be as SPECIFIC as possible.
Choose the ONE thing that stood out the most in your vision of your future life.  (A house, a vacation, a family, a partner, a career, etc.)
Ask yourself WHY you want it. Be honest. Do you really want this goal or does an outside influence say you should? (IE The vision is to be 60 lbs lighter. Is that a vision that cultivates true happiness in your life? Or does having a healthy relationship with your body, no matter your size a more accurate description of what you want? Think deeply of where your desires stem from.)
Start posting! Now that you have a vision from the heart post pictures, words of affirmation, names of people, places, etc. on your board that support the one vision you have decided to land your focus on.
-Lastly, when do you want this by? This doesn’t have to be as specific, but it would be great to have an estimated time-frame
Create Your Action Steps: My examples will be based on a goal to move to Italy  in 1.5 years to help visualize the process. 
-One thing can you do in 1 year to help reach your vision? I can buy my ONE WAY ticket to Italy!
-Two things can you do in 6 months to reach your vision? I can start looking for remote or local jobs in the area &  start selling most of my bulky items. 
-Three things you do in 3 months to help reach your vision? I can reach out to my network on social media to see if anyone has any connections,  purchase a guide to Italy, ensure my passport is up to date and enroll in an Italian 101 language course. 
-Four things can you do THIS WEEK to reach your vision? Read blogs about people who have also moved to Italy, open a savings account online and put in $5 for my Italy Savings Account, pitch the idea to my very best friend and mentally commit to this dream!
How are you motivated: Rewards based? Intrinsically? Need acknowledgement? Finish lines?  Once you know how you are motivated you’ll be aware on how to create a lasting plan for yourself on those lazy/stressful/rough days.
If your vision falls by the wayside: No worries, life changes all the time. Be sure to check-in with yourself and see if your vision was aligned with your values, you need a better way to keep motivated or perhaps you are keeping yourself back by letting your fear or anxieties drive your life decisions.
Reflect and start again. Visions shift an change as we shift and change. 
2015-07-20 20.48.14
Post photos of your ACTION BOARD! I’d love to see them and offer up and tools or advice to get you closer to your ideal life 🙂

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