Purium Review Part 1: Day 1-5

5 years ago I felt ill so often that it resulted me going to the Doctors doubled over in pain at least once a month. I was involuntary puking up some of my meals, broke out in hives when I drank beer and felt extremely sluggish. I went to several different Doctors just for them to turn me away. After a series of tests they would usually prescribe me antibiotics as a default and couldn’t explain my pains. The last Doctor I saw held his chart, barely looked at me and ‘the test came back and you’re fine.’ As soon as he left the room I just broke down in tears. The nurse came in shortly after and asked me if I was OK, I mumbled yes and left the room quickly. I was embarrassed to be accused of all of it being my head.  I refused to believe I was fine, I know my body. The nurse was so concerned for me she called me later that afternoon just to make sure I really was OK- it felt good someone cared but I still didn’t have any answers. (Shout out to all the nurses out there, you work very hard and you DO make a HUGE  difference.)

My sister suggested that maybe I have a gluten allergy. OK, but what the heck is Gluten? This whirl-winded me into a bunch of research and a detox program to re-set my body to zero. My first detox was needless to say a STRUGGLE. I did it the natural way by drinking vegetable broth and fiber drinks with clay to absorb the toxins for 7 days. This was the best choice for me because it was cheap and natural. I cleared as much of my schedule as I could and slept a ton that week.

I had HUGE sugar withdrawals where at one point I ransacked the kitchen to find honey and gulped huge spoonfuls. I felt totally out of control. After five days I felt more energetic and more amazing than I ever had before. It was worth it. I cut out all gluten for a long time (which if you have done this, it’s a super pain in your old lifestyle.) I have since incorporated gluten back into my diet but am careful on how often I take in gluten, sugars & processed foods.

Since this simplistic change in diet I no longer have pains and do not visit the Doctors office monthly. My world was opened up to a new (but old) way to health and I’ll never go back.

I needed another re-set after being in Asia for 2.5 months where they cook everything in this dense oil and living on the road. I also knew I was not getting in the proper nutrients in my daily diet and fell off the healthy track.

My Mentor and Coach started living the Purium lifestyle and I was instantly interested. She gave me the link and added me to the private Facebook page and when saw tons of people locally in Hawaii that had made some amazing transformations losing 10-30 lbs in 10 days, now I really wanted in! I clicked the link to purchase and saw the price of ~$250.00…….ouch. Not really in my budget right now.



I messaged my Coach “This is the LAST time I am going to use this excuse; I cannot invest in my health right now.” She understood completely. Needless to say, a few weeks later I saved enough money and it was shipped to my house. I know what happens if I neglect my body of what it needs for too long- I had been looking forward to this for weeks and I was really excited.

The order contained: (links are to site only, I am not a distributor.)

Apple Berry Power Shake– The green shake is pretty good but leaves a bit of a filmy taste after. I hear some people blend it with Almond milk, I just drink it straight.
Master Amino Acid PatternThese are basically large pills you take 3 times a day- I hate to swallow pills and even multivitamins make me sick. I was worried the effect these would have on my sensitive stomach but there were none.
Apothe-CherryOh my, YUM! I don’t even add water to the mix, I just drink it straight. I’m going to save some as my martini mix once I’m done. (Hey, it’s all about balance! haha)
Ionic ElementsI made the mistake of drinking this plain in water. It tastes horrible. Now I put it in my smoothies or green juice to hide the taste.
Daily Fiber BlendSomeone kill me. This is so horrid and insulting to my taste buds, I have to choke it down every night. But I know it’s all a part of the process.
• BPA-FREE Shaker Bottle
• Gym Bag & Tape Measure
• Support Guide

Having had done one major transformation through detox I was ready to SUFFER but this time it was different, it was enjoyable! I am not measuring my success in pounds, I do not own a scale. (Although I am very curious!) I am not overweight, but there are 10-15 lbs I wouldn’t mind seeing disappear in a healthy way. I have loved ones past and present who struggle with body image, I am now very sensitive to the words: weight loss, skinny and fat. It’s all about living your healthiest inside and out and loving your whole body. I am measuring this process with a tape measure, pictures, how my favorite pants fit and my energy levels.

Notes from the first 5 days: 

Day 1 & 2: I woke up feeling much more energized. I thought this would be a lot harder and I expected I would feel like I’m starving, but I don’t at all. A slight headache…but I heard that’s normal when toxins release your body and most likely my body is missing my morning coffee.  I also incorporated a few flex foods: apple, pineapple, kale and avocado. I have eaten the equivalent of one meal each day throughout the day. I heard day 2 was the hardest for some people but I breezed through it.

Day 3 & 4: I woke up earlier than I have in a long time and feel clear headed and ready to take on the day! Typically, I don’t sleep well and roll out of bed around 8:30/9 unwillingly. I’ve been holding back on exercising just to feel out how my body would handle this cleanse, but today I feel 100% up to it! I have had full nights of sleep which has been uncommon for me for a long time, I usually get up a few times throughout the night and wake up groggy. There has been no sugar/coffee/carbs withdrawals- but I do really miss hummus.

Day 5: Today I was able to go out to a women’s workshop luncheon and I ordered a salad for my flex meal. Talk about will power! All the other ladies ordered waffles, crab paninis, hearty soups, yummm. I do miss cooking and eating food. I’m definitely not one of those people who don’t like food, I am a foodie!  Today was the first day since starting the cleanse that I took a nap, I usually take a nap a couple times a week- but I have felt so full of energy lately.  I was quite bored and lazy and I so badly wanted to just sit and munch on something- this was kind of an eye opener for me to realize that I eat when I’m bored. I find comfort in just sitting, relaxing and having a nice meal even if I am not that hungry. I am happy to release this habit!

I have also gotten a little creative with my flex meals. I rarely cook the same meal twice in my house normally so this was a challenging way to get creative in the kitchen with my flex foods:

BeFunky__DSC0008.jpg BeFunky__DSC0012.jpg BeFunky__DSC0014.jpg

Coconut milk, carrots, mango, spinach, green onion with garlic and cayenne pepper over roasted butternut squash and sea salt. (I ate half the portion showed)

Apothe-Cherry juice, blueberries, ice, organic honey and coconut milk.

Butternut squash with coconut oil and steamed broccoli with sea salt.

Perks of the program: (Before and after photos will be taken after the 10 days are up, only 5 more to go!)

  1. I am staying ultra hydrated. I know I don’t take in enough water and my skin looks great.
  2. I am getting the best sleep I have had in a long long time.
  3. You can sign up for inspirational texts sent daily (I did!).
  4. I am craving healthy food and don’t even miss the things I thought I would. (cheese, ice cream, coffee, I guess dairy in general & meat.) I miss hummus, whole grain crackers, salsa, eggs, etc. and am already looking up recipes to start up after the 10 days that are packed with the nutrients I need.
  5. I have lost 1 inch around my stomach and half and inch around my chest & hips.
  6. My nails are growing again!
  7. I feel more clear-headed and energetic.
  8. I stopped taking melatonin to help me get to sleep. Since I didn’t sleep well  (I hate taking medicine) I used to take melatonin a few times a week, now I sleep better than ever. I had no idea this would be a perk!

I truly believe there is no long term quick-fix if you are struggling with your ideal weight– ideal weight comes with a healthy lifestyle of: clean eating, a healthy relationship with your body, exercise daily, getting the proper nutrients and keeping stress/anxiety levels minimal. (This is based on my opinion only.)

I do believe that this process helps you become aware of any unhealthy habits, cleanses your intestines of any bacteria or build-up, gives your body an opportunity to take in the foods it needs without the starch and ‘fillers’, boosts your confidence and propels you into the next level of your journey into your ideal body. I am looking forward to the next 5 days and the days following!

Have you completed the 10 day cleanse? I’d love to hear about your experience with a comment below or on my Facebook Page.

If you are interested in taking the journey with me or have questions, feel free to post on my Facebook Page and I will introduce you to my Coach who is much more educated on the program.

2 thoughts on “Purium Review Part 1: Day 1-5

  1. If you have gluten sensitivity, did you notice any reaction with the power shake? I’m so bummed it has gluten!


    1. Hello! I am so happy you asked, I really did not at all. I eat pretty healthy overall but because my effects of gluten are over time I usually just keep eating as I want to until I feel sick…a terrible way to live. Trying to find that balance- but with the power shake I felt really good. Let me know if you try it.


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