A tourists Guide to Richmond, VA

My first introduction to Richmond was a pass-through stop for dinner to split up a 9 hour road trip. In my driving haze I hadn’t been sure exactly what town I was in, but as soon as I stepped out of the car it immediately felt eerie.

Having grown up in New England and spending my 20’s around the world I never learned much about the South nor did I spend any time there outside of Florida.

Since having recently relocated to Virginia we decided to take a proper weekend trip to the historic old town that faced many trials during the Civil War. We stayed for 1 nights and 1.5 days and was able to get to know a good chunk of the town and there is much more to be seen.

Here is our recommended itinerary below.

Where to stay: Residence Inn on Cary street. Walk-able to to everything you need on a day to day basis and the hotel is newly constructed set up as efficiency apartments. Lovely breakfast included, too. (I love my food!)

Hot Spots to See according to me

Foot Tour: You can see quite a bit of Richmond just outside the hotel on Cary. Take a tour on foot around the town and you will learn that this eerie old town is a photographers dream! The details carved into the timeless buildings that tower over you are amazing. The town is strange in the sense that there are not a lot of people out and about taking in the city, it almost feels deserted but preserved in pristine condition. 

BeFunky__DSC0011.jpg BeFunky__DSC0013.jpg BeFunky__DSC0031.jpg BeFunky__DSC0049.jpg

The Capitol Building: Designed by Thomas Jefferson, the Capitol was the first public building in the New World constructed in the Monumental Classical style; it has served as a prototype for countless capitols, courthouses, municipal buildings, and even churches and residences for more than 200 years.

_DSC0028 _DSC0030 BeFunky__DSC0016.jpg

The Old Courthouse: I’ve never really wanted to go to court, until now! This old building located behind the Capitol Building was breathtaking. To me, it looks like a place where Vampires would choose to live out their endless days.

BeFunky__DSC0033.jpg BeFunky__DSC0035.jpg

Historic Tredegar Iron Works: You guessed it, it’s an old iron works building. All 5 standing buildings have since been turned into a museum full of events, exhibits and education.  It was wild to just roam freely around the property looking at the expansive and impressive engineering of the Civil War era. You can pay to park, or you can park a small walk down next to the bridge in the public parking area. 

BeFunky__DSC0061.jpg BeFunky__DSC0066.jpg BeFunky__DSC0070.jpg BeFunky__DSC0087.jpg BeFunky__DSC0088.jpg BeFunky__DSC0089.jpg

The Walking Bridge: The walking bridge is unique in the sense that it hangs from underneath the freeway and above the James river. When I first stepped on it you could feel the vibrations of the cars overhead. This is a popular spot for runners, bikers, dog walkers and parents with little ones. It was also littered with dog poop- so watch your step 🙂

BeFunky__DSC0094.jpg BeFunky__DSC0141.jpg

Belle Isle:  Keep walking down the bridge until you reach the other side, what awaits you is a cute little island full of Kayaking, swimming, rock climbing, running trails, biking trails, you name it!

_DSC0130 _DSC0132 BeFunky__DSC0113.jpg BeFunky__DSC0122.jpg

Where to grab a brew & a meal: 

The Capital Ale house had a wide variety of craft and imported brews. Their food was also delicious if you wanted to stay for a bite to eat as well.

Sines Irish Pub being from Boston I have come accustomed to loving my Irish meals and dark beers and Sines has them both! (And right across the street of the hotel)



Where are your Hot Spots? I’d love to hear from you!

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