Things to do in Bali for $5 or Less

There is so much one can do in Bali for an inexpensive price the USD goes a long way 1,000,000 is about $80 USD and you can get by on that for at least a week if you plan accordingly. Since I am on a lean financial diet (yes, even in Asia) I have compiled a list of things that you can do in Bali for $5 USD or under

  • Book a Spa Package. You can get a 60 min massage for as low as $5, a 3 hour spa day might cost around $15 USD and there are plenty of options in Bali. Please keep in mind they are not licensed and most places don’t have the atmosphere of a top spa in the states, but you will get more than you pay for.
  • Check out the Monkey Forest for $3, the Monkey Forest is a cool little spot in Ubud. Just ensure it only costs you $3 and the monkey’s don’t steal your sunglasses or pick pocket you.
  • Tour the temples. There are several temples you can visit as long as they are not having ceremonies that are free or around $3-$5 entrance fee. Each local village has it’s own temple and each home has it’s own temple so there are plenty to be seen.
  • People Watch, as a coffee lover I love to get a good latte whenever I can. Some days I’ll grab a latte for about $2 and sit for a few hours watching the people walk by.
  • Tour the rice paddies. The rice paddies in Ubud are free to walk around with several little restaurants so you can give yourself a self-guided tour. A guided tour starts at about $25, but also comes with meals and transport.
  • Have a local Meal. A local meal off the beaten paths of the main streets can be found very easily in Bali and a little goes a long way. Most restaurants are run out of people’s villas so you are getting a home cooked meal and fruit smoothie for $5 or less.
  • Relax with a Bintang. Bintang is the local beer in Bali, its similar to a Budweiser or bud light and costs about $2 per small bottle. With the local taxes surrounding alcohol, purchasing can get a bit pricey but the local beer is the cheapest and best option for your dollar. If you see cocktails for $2 and they don’t specify which alcohol they have in them it is most likely just chemicals so try to steer clear of those.
  • Get a new outfit or souvenir. If you bargain enough you can get a dress for less than $5 and souvenirs are much cheaper as long as you don’t go to a mall but stick to the markets and everything is typically hand-made as well.
  • Try the most expensive coffee in the world. The Kopi (coffee) tour and try the Lewak Coffee- the most expensive coffee in the world at about $5 at the tour. The rest of the items at the gift shop can get pretty expensive. But the tour was worth it. They take you through the process and you end up at their cafe over looking the rice paddies.
  • Catch the Sunset at Seminyak Beach. A great place to sit on the sand or grab a chair with a Bintang and enjoy the view and music pouring over the beach carried by the waves.
  • Community Night at The Yoga Barn the Yoga Barn in Ubud has a community night were they have a Yoga class for FREE! Get there early to secure a spot.

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