My Travel Must-Haves

I don’t like to lift heavy things and I really don’t have a desire to drag large suitcases across the world, so I like to pack VERY light. People see my two carry-on’s for a 3 month trip around Asia and are amazed on how I  little I can bring for so long. I’m often asked how I do it, so here is my secret on how to pack like a BOSS!

First, you need a Pre-Packing List, so check that out.

Yeah that chaos below, you CAN fit all of that in a small carry on 🙂 Let me show you how.

 bali 375bali3 038

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Here is my recommended packing list:

  1. Solids match everything, patterns can clash. Pack more solids than patterns.
  2. Pack layers. Especially important for different climates.
  3. Pack things that can be cleaned in a sink, dried quickly and are wrinkle free, easily.
  4. Pack items that can fit many occasions. Yoga gear can go a long way if you add just the right ‘upgrades’.
  5. Only pack clothes you feel comfortable in. If you feel comfortable, you’ll look comfortable.
  6. Pack no more than 3 pairs of shoes
  7. Wear your ‘bulky’ items during travel. I like to wear my leggings, light coat, t-shirt, shoes that can easily slip off and a scarf onto the planes. Those light jackets and scarves can take up a lot of space in a suitcase.
  8. Pack your handy items in handy places. I pack quick ‘refreshers’ (face wipes, hydrating spray, dental care, headphones, travel docs, etc) in a quick-to-grab area in my bag for easy access
  9. Pre-Plan for any souvenirs you may purchase or be prepared to replace an old item with a new item. Each time I make a purchase I am already prepared to get rid of something. This helps me make smarter purchases as well

My Travel Must-Haves:

  • Re-usable water bottle. AKA My Hydroflask.
  • Flip Flops: especially great for showers.
  • Shoes you don’t mind destroying for adventures.
  • Extra plastic bags for re-packing said dirty shoes.
  • A Sarong: great as a scarf, blanket, towel, emergency skirt if need be
  • Gum. Great during take off/landing AND if you need to have fresh breath in-between brushes
  • Neck pillow. I cant believe I traveled several years without one.
  • Headphones & Eye mask/Sunglasses: helps making sleeping anywhere bearable. Even in a crowded place.
  • More tops than bottoms. 3 to 1 is a good formula- for every pair of pants I pack 3 shirts.
  • Vitamin C packets or super green powders. Nothing is worse than being sick on a plane or anywhere else. Be sure to keep up your health with a shot of vitamins whenever you need them
  • Cliff bars– you don’t want to be stranded AND hungry.
  • Melatonin; A great kick-starter to sleep without any addictive qualities or hang-over feeling
  • Pack more underwear then anything else– they are small and the most important item for hygiene.

bali3 039

Above is an actual photo of my 3 months in Bali & Japan, NYC  and ending in Virginia. I packed for a span of a difference of 50 degrees, two countries and 3 states. 

My packing Ritual to make Maximum space:

I pack at least two days in advance and the night before- pre-check I made the right decisions. This is where a lot of my ‘I should pack this in case…’ items hit the road and lighten the load.


  1. Shove shoes full as many socks and underthings as you can.
  2. Line the inside frame of your suitcase with your shoes.
  3. Roll up bottoms and larger items and place them as the ‘first floor’ of your packing.
  4. Shove lighter/smaller items in the cracks between the rolled up items.
  5. Lay the rest of the items on the top and fold them into one another. Much like if you were working retail and re-folding the shirts on display just in a layered fashion for the 2nd floor of packing
  6. Place any remainder  non-clothes items in and around and spaces available
  7. Pack your water bottle, books, electronics, documents and toiletries in a separate space or bag for easy access going through -the check-in lines


Here is my latest favorite jam that will get you movin’ & packin’.

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