8 Things You’ll Wish You Knew Before Going to Bali

Day 30 in Bali with only 30 more to go! I have had a good taste of the Bali life and would love to share the top 5 things I’m glad I knew before I got here and ones I wish I knew before coming to Bali.

From Gypsy to Nomad, here is my carefully collected list.

  • Alcohol is EXPENSIVE. My favorite hard alcohol choice, Gin goes for $70 USD. And Scotch? Forgettabout it. Costs just enough where I will give up my Gin dreams for the next 60 days
  • Pandora is not yet available in this country. Um, what? If you download Spotify while you’re here it’s only available for 14 days in a ‘foreign’ country. Well, it looks like my 14 songs on itunes are on shuffle for the next 60 days.
  • Netflix is also not available. OK that’s where I start to ask questions and after some short research I was able to hear of this cool website http://www.hidemyass.com to access blocked content worldwide and get total privacy online with our top-rated VPN service. It will route through a US IP Address  Turns out I’m not too hard-up to stream some really bad RomCom so I haven’t tried it. But just in case you are interested 🙂
  • Driving Around in Bali is like riding an old wooden roller coaster that has been out dated since 1920. There is a real chance you could die, if not by a pure anxiety attack alone.
  • Pre-Pack as much sunblock as you need in as many 3 oz. containers you need as it is VERY expensive here & if you use tampons they can be very difficult to locate, check out my other tips for you Pre-Flight Check List 12.5
  • Get your negotiating  skills sharpened. Most everything is done via negotiation. From what you can order on the menu, to your cab ride and right to a speeding ticket.
  • You’ll get eaten alive. By mosquitoes that is, so be sure to purchase some OFF! As soon as you can, BUT not to worry there have been little to zero cases of Malaria on Bali. But please take caution outside other islands.
  • Your Card my not be accepted at the ATM. When I arrived at the airport to pay my entrance fee my debt card did not work at 3 of the 4 of the ATMs. Be Sure to try SEVERAL different ATM’s before giving up. Sometimes the internet is down, or you have a small no-name bank that is not accepted by most the banks. Before you have a fit be sure try them all before you give up.


Please let me know what your list is, I’d love to hear from you!









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