The Project Getaway Experience Was Not What I Planned

I have been here for three weeks and it’s still sinking in that I am here at Project Getaway: “Over a period of 30 days, 20 adventurous entrepreneurs live and work together in an inspiring and luxurious location. Project Getaway is not just an event, but a complete experience.It is geared towards successful and aspiring entrepreneurs, who have taken the leap towards a deeply satisfying lifestyle, where great success, adventure and a balanced lifestyle goes hand-in-hand.”

bali 918

I heard about Project Getaway for the first time about 5 months ago, I was Googling myself (as an Entrepreneur & blogger it’s important to keep up on what you are doing) I was featured in some Magazine and there was a feature on this place, called Project Getaway. I read the first page of their website and I really liked what I saw and decided to apply right away. It didn’t cost anything to send in an application so I decided to just go for it- why not?! My life theme…

After I sent in my application I did more research on this cool new concept of the Travelling Entrepreneur Collaboration Month and realized they only accepted 20 applicants each year. I instantly thought ‘I really wish I took that application more seriously!’ Luckily I had a follow up Skype interview with the PG Staff Kristina & Nick.  For about an hour we discussed my company, interests & more about what Project Getaway had to offer. After the interview I was even MORE excited about the opportunity to join in October. I felt the interview went well after getting a chance to ‘sell’ myself, but I was also really nervous- could I beat my competition and join this amazing group?

Two months later in July 2014  I received and email that exclaimed I was accepted out of the 80+ applicants to join them in October in Bali.


I was able to raise the money to secure my spot & bought a one-way ticket that would allow me to stay in Bali for two months. I had this great new software idea for Virtual Business Managers I was going to develop and this trip was going to propel me into the international market and scale my business. This was really happening! It’s always been a personal life goal to live in Bali and a business goal to expand internationally- all the stars were aligning.

I am honored to have had this opportunity to live in an extravagant Villa in Bali (below), collaborate with people all around the world, have a wonderfully caring staff to take care of our daily needs and to be able to explore the island of Bali.

bali 915 bali 916 bali 920 bali 910

PG, offers a wide variety of adventures throughout the month such as: hiking, surfing, zip lining, beach days, snorkeling, dinners, charity events, etc. The Organizers Michael & Kristina  really invested a lot of time energy and resources to make this an EXPERIENCE not just a destination.

bali 900 bali 907  bali 957bali2 052

22 Days later and our time here is coming to an end and so far this has been an experience of a lifetime, but not the experience I thought I was going to have.

At first I felt I didn’t fit in with these model type bodies that backed successful business ventures (have you SEEN the PG website photos?). I spent every last penny I had on this trip trusting this would be an instant business investment but instead I lost all but 2 of my clients due to my international travel which means I lost 2/3’s of my income that I was relying on. My software idea hit many dead-ends and I had to place it on the back-burner in order to figure out how to make cash flow so I could afford a ticket home. I spent more time working with the few clients l had and consistently worried about money that I declined a lot of invites and missed out on a lot epic adventures. I was basically living just as I did back home in Hawaii- except more desperately. My original plan of launching myself into the international market & scaling by business had been a complete failure and I felt horrible. I pride myself on the outcomes of my hard work and my ego was very very bruised. It felt like I had hit another dead end.

bali 927

At first I was going to use this blog to write about PG and all it’s glories, I wasn’t going to tell the vulnerable tale of my woes. But as I was writing I began to realize the experiences I am having are beyond monetary and the amount of growth I had in these 3 weeks have been overwhelmingly positive. I have made a great group of friends, they are so easy to get along with and possess such a vibrant, supportive and positive energy. After mind-expanding conversations I was able to to gain clarity and confidence that my future will be involving a lot more Creativity and a lot less Billable Hours. I learned how to ask for what I deserve through the power of negotiation and that self love is not just an expression but a lifestyle.

Best of all I learned the first step on letting go of my ego in order to live a more passionate and authentic lifestyle.

Project Getaway is indeed only as awesome as we all decide to make it.

As I write this blog I have no answers. I have no plan on how I can survive the next month in Bali. I have no magic revenue stream that will make me enough money to secure a place to sleep and I am unsure how often I will be able to afford to eat in my remaining 30 days here. All I know is that I will thrive throughout this experience and it will be another step into the direction I am suppose to be in not necessarily the one I planned for myself.

I’ll keep you posted 🙂


**A special thank you to my Business Coach and Mentor, Sloane Ketchum












4 thoughts on “The Project Getaway Experience Was Not What I Planned

  1. Kaylee! So happy to have read your blog! I saw it on Sloane’s Facebook wall. I’ve been wondering how you were doing all the way over there in Bali. I admire you and your honesty. Did you know that I take things you’ve told me to heart? I’ll be doing something and mutter to myself something you told me….like, “If you don’t ask, the answer is no”. I wanted to let you know that you’ve touched me and helped me in so many ways. From the very beginning you were always so genuine. And even though you’re very young in my eyes, I’ve always felt that you have so much wisdom and common sense. And I love your sense of humor and find myself always laughing when we’re hanging out. I wanted to thank you for your support and your words of encouragement. They’ve made a HUGE difference in my life and continue to do so today. Just in case you didn’t know, I thought I’d tell you that now. Though you may not be certain where your tomorrow will lead you, I know you’re on the right path. Follow your heart or that gut feeling you get. Reach for those feelings and thoughts that uplift you. For it’s in those moments that you’ll be inspired. And always know that in the end, it’ll all be okay. Thank you for sharing your heart and I look forward to reading more about your adventures. Love you, Kaylee!!!


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