I got attacked by a monkey and It stole my peanut butter. It’s been over 8 weeks since I’ve had peanut butter, an American staple in ones childhood and well into old age (I’m sure my peanut butter lovers can understand the struggle.) I decide I was finally going to get off my butt and get some. I walk 40 min to the closest grocery store and purchase the delicious natural peanut butter and some saltine crackers. As I am walking home the 40 min back, I forgot I was taking the shortcut near (not through, but near) the Sacred Monkey Forest back to the Villa where I am staying.

As I am walking a LARGE Monkey runs up from behind me and grabs onto my double bagged groceries with BOTH of his paws. (Do monkey’s have Paws?) That bugger was really strong but I still react by yelling ‘NO FOOD!’ and Fighting back.

DAMN YOU, DIRTY APES. -Planet of the Apes, 1968

In the struggle grocery bag rips open with this death grip claws I’m thinking to myself ‘Dude, stop trying to fight this monkey- he will destroy you!’ My peanut butter is the only victim, luckily. It rolls out onto the street and the Monkey seems pleased with his findings-so we made an agreement. I think for a split second to go back and take it from between his legs, but instead I take my ripped bag, torn pride and keep walking.

He got the peanut butter and I got to keep the rest of my groceries.

bali2 136 bali2 127 bali2 133bali2 123

Photos above are from a previous visit to the Monkey Forest, but top left could very well be the thief! Please report immediately- the reward is sharing some of my found peanut butter.

These monkeys are known to pick pockets, yank hair, steal sunglasses and shiny things. If you happen to walk through, near or around the Sacred Monkey Forest, be sure to be prepared for battle.

Do you have a Monkey encounter story? Share it with me!

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