Lulumahu Falls- My Favorite Waterfall Hike

Lulumahu Falls is one of my favorite Waterfall Hikes, it’s three times or more larger than Maunawilli Falls and 1/3 as populated. It probably has something to do with that fact that this trail is illegal- or so I’ve heard. Just to cover my butt, I am not recommending you do this hike and if you are injured or got lost I am in no way responsible. That was an act all your own.


  • This hike is located near the Pali lookout and should be included on the Windward Side Activities
  • It takes about 20-40 min each way, plan for  2 hrs with resting
  • This can be a MUDDY hike if there was rain within 48 hrs or during
  • Do not hike if raining
  • You can get lost easily if you don’t read these instructions
  • This is technically Government Property
  • Wear bright colors
  • Dog Friendly / Kid Friendly (just be sure your kids are used to hiking)
  • Keep valuables with you and your car door unlocked
  • Always smart to have bug spray, a charged cell phone, screen shot of directions in your photos, water and wear things you don’t mind getting sweaty, dirty and wet & a buddy
  • Difficulty Scale from 1-10: 3
  • Must-do scale from 1-10: 10


Lulumahu Falls stands about 50 feet tall and is a little local secret located where Nu’u’anu Road or known as Old Pali Road and the (new) Pali intersect.


If you are driving along the Pali and see a bunch of cars all parked on the side of the road in a dirt ‘parking lot’ you have found your starting point. If you see a sign that says Hunting Grounds- you’re in the right place, walk right in.



  • In the parking lot head towards the brown hunting sign
  • Go through and take a right
  • Once you get to a cleared road take a left
  • Take your first left
  • Follow the road- if you choose to wander around the bamboo forest you are welcome to but it’s not required to get there and you may get lost
  • Once you get to the end of the road turn right and take the only set of steps on your left to the top of the hill where you will see this:


I’m pretty sure you can go into the water and jump off the side of the water tower, but I’ve never tried it.

At the top of the hill with the water tower on your left and the bamboo forest on your right head towards the forest


  • You will see a graffiti wall on your left and an entrance on your right with a big water spout- head up those stairs
  • There are fenced in water graves (or so it looks like to me) follow the fence to behind them
  • There is a path, follow it

bali 016

When it ends follow the path on LEFT SIDE of the river. It will cross back and forth but keep on the left in the beginning and towards the end, the right side is really steep and can be dangerous if its raining




Keep going until you see THIS:

bali 004 bali 015

Be sure to put you head under the waterfall and give thanks to this beautiful land. Please take back with you everything you brought.



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