UPDATE: My Year of Purpose Post from 2015

I’m not sure if many of you recall, but last year I was feeling pretty FED UP with not knowing my PURPOSE in life in last years blog post in Jan  2015.


I don’t believe in stewing on anything for too long without at least attempting at a solution….. I gave myself a 2015 challenge: Try something I’ve always wanted to do, choose one each month and commit for at least 30 days. The idea was to find my purpose through ACTION and eliminate the things that didn’t keep my interest.

Preview from my original post last year…..

“Follow your passion and you will find your purpose.”

You’d be surprised how many big names in business support this quote in one way or another. I’m calling B.S.

Passion is a strong and uncontrollable emotion that changes and expands as you change and expand in life- how can you keep up with your passion if it keeps changing and shifting?

I say follow your strengths to find your passion. You were given certain gifts for a reason and some of them are only uncovered if you dig deep beyond your fears and past your comfort zone….which is why I believe, they are called Gifts.

Below was the list from my original post. These are things I’ve always wanted to DO but always gave myself EXCUSES. For 2015 I gave myself permission to live and do things I’ve yearned for but never attempted.

For accountability reasons, and also that some of you announced you would join me on this journey, here is my list, with updates.

  • Write a Book, Drafted up 100 pages of a book, Not sure which direction to take it, but I have definitely put some time in!
  • Create my Life Mission Statement– Make money, travel the world!
  • Create a joyous atmosphere at home- Painted the new house and even picked up some antique furniture. As a minimalist, less is more J
  • Invest in a Start-Up. Um, not yet!
  • Put together a Will (like adults do) -Good thing I haven’t died yet.
  • Be Financially Healthy (also very adult like) – I have been definitely taking better care of my future self and making smarter money decisions.
  • Go on a trip without a predetermined destination- I kinda live my whole life like this….
  • Learn Martial Arts- Still an open dream!
  • Yoga Certified- BOOM!!!!! This is my most exciting one yet, Graduated in Jan 2016 J I am now a 200 hr certified Yoga Instructor. The skills I learned here I can take with me everywhere.
  • Detox Program (eating whole foods)-Totally, did the 1o day Purium challenge. Lost 6 pds!
  • Become a Photographer- I really tried on this to make it a ‘career’ by submitting my photos to istock etc but no takers. I was even gifted a nice Nikon camera- BUT if you google my name, tons of people have snagged my photos and used them in their blogs. So I’m counting myself as a photographer…just not a professional haha
  • Become a Life/Business Coach– SECOND BOOM! Quit my full time job and have been serving several clients with value in the last year plus (check out my website!) this is by far the most fulfilling space I have occupied. This is my life.
  • Rock Climb- Still an open dream!
  • Learn to Ride a Motorcycle- Nope, but over this dream.
  • Learn a foreign language, fully! – I learned a handful of word in Bali, but no closer than I was when I wrote this, but I have taught my puppy, Mauka all of his commands in Hawaiian and English. I still believe a second language is in my future.
  • Be at the top of my health- mental health? Yes! Body health…not yet 🙂
  • Work smarter not harder- HELL YES! Applying this every day.
  • Volunteer or start a non-profit- I didn’t start a non-profit but I have been volunteering a few times a week.
  • Learn a musical instrument- I learned 3 chords on my Ukulele, not bad for someone who has never played an instrument in her life!
  • Learn how to brew alcohol (beer, wine, moonshine, infused vodkas or gin)- Brewed beer twice, not has hard as I thought, but absolutely nowhere near perfection.
  • Learn CPR– On the list for 2016 before our 4 month road trip.
  • Take an Art Course– NOPE, still open.
  • Conquer my fear of heights- NOPE I think the only thing that will cure that is sky diving…not ready!
  • Learn to Dance—I have been taking Zumba, which is exactly like learning to dance in my book. Regardless on how silly I think I look, I’m keeping at it and exploring the salsa moves!

I can say me last year vs. me this year are two totally different people! As I wrote that blog last year I felt beaten down, confused as all hell and VERY frustrated!! I would HIGHLY recommend this process to ANYONE feeling like they aren’t truly living their full purpose.

Now, here I am, working from my laptop in Florida as a Badass Business Coach that is Yoga Teacher Certified  and happy as I could ever be!


That’s me! Teaching my fist class 🙂

12605436_520538548104475_6045252709345187201_o BADASS BIZ (1)

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