New Zealand- The Lost Emails 2010 -Part 3

Hello Everyone!!

Thank you again for checking in on me and keeping in touch. I am into my last week here in NZ! As some of you may know, I had the opportunity to stay here in NZ for as long as I want. A car, a job, a place to live, etc. But I choose to go back to MA, although very cold, I really want to make a home there for the next 2 years. Its close to my loved ones (and far enough away…JUST KIDDING 🙂 ) and I have made an excellent network of friends there. I return on Jan 21st at 5pm. 🙂


These past few weeks have been jam packed with travels. I am keeping my budget to 10-20 NZD a day. To keep costs down I have been hitching rides with people I have met along the way. So when they say jump….I’m ready at a moments notice.

I spent 2 days in Wellington , NZ. The 4hr drive from Napier was magnificent. Infinite hills of green and tan with speckles of white (the sheep) and a lovely river to keep us on the edge of our seats. I am still getting used to the driving; I feel I have progressed although every now and then I want to scream ‘you’re on the wrong side!!!’

Wellington is nick-named The Windy City, and rightfully so! I felt as if I didn’t hang on I would’ve been blown over! It is a good sized city built on the edge of the water on the south end of the North Island . I did some window shopping, took a cable car ride to the botanical gardens and visited the Te Papa Tongarewa Museum. Te Papa had an opening for A Day in Pompeii, and since I had missed out on Pompeii in Italy I decided this was a great opportunity. It was a very informing accompanied by a stirring bit of history of the city that was buried overnight in volcanic ash in 79AD. Forever entombing the Pompeii people. I spent hours there in awe.

After a few days in Wellington I flew to Auckland for New Years. It was a very chill gathering of friends I had met two weeks prior in Napier. I was happy to accept their invitation to ring in the New Year with them. The next 3 days were crammed with activities such as: hiking One Tree Hill (where the band got its name) a stroll along the local beaches with an unhealthy portion of Fish and Chips, local style, and dancing at the clubs in downtown till 4 am!

I then set off to Sydney AUS for 6 days which I will inform you of in another email.

Since my time after Sydney I have been doing free local things like touring Balls Clearing, (a forest reserve holding some of the oldest trees in New Zealand ), checking out geysers in Rotorua and catching a stockcar race. Rotorua is a lovely town that is generous with its natural beauty. It has mud baths, geysers, waterfalls, hikes anything you can think of. Id encourage you to visit the official website for more info!

Thank you 🙂

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