The Alchemy Cafe, Ubud

Alchemy is defined as the medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter. It was concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold or to find a universal elixir. But here in Ubud, The Alchemy Cafe is a meeting point for vegan, earth-loving, self-proclaimed Yogis and tree-huggers. They bond over a fresh vegan salad, cashew milk and drinks that promote health that have fun names like ‘raspberry lipstick’. Browsing over their holistic store and getting a fabulous display of freshness at the food bar you get a glimpse into the world of an overwhelming ‘One Love’ approach to health & transformation through your diet.

Location is everything when it comes to owning a store front and they could not have chosen a better spot here in Penestanan, Ubud. Day after day hour after hour transplants and tourists alike flood the cafe as a great pace to chat, read, work, drink and eat. The word community really comes alive here which is a little ironic since there are no locals in sight outside of the employees.

I must have passed this place a dozen times before stepping foot inside of the establishment. Due to it’s foot traffic I knew there must be something special about this place, but being a meat-eater I didn’t find myself running inside for a macrobiotic shake and meat-less salads. However, since making an appearance I can certainly appreciate the atmosphere and cause behind the restaurant/cafe. You literally FEEL healthier as you walk through the door.

I sip my Electrolyte juice (coconut water, lime and ginger) across from me are two ladies who decided they couldn’t stand drinking juice anymore and needed a salad. They discuss the price of their salad and seem delighted it’s the same price of a Happy Meal at McDonald’s- investing in your health has never been so affordable. The ladies are covered from head-to-toe in vibrant colors and patterns and have an aura of having a free-spirit.  Headbands, jewelry and their flowing dresses seem to encapsulate and perpetuate the whole of this Cafe in a simple ensemble.

I consider myself to be a combination of many things but not fully definable in all areas of my persona- an individual if you will.  I’m not fully a hippie (although I care for the environment, promote peace, practice Yoga & Meditation, have a tattoo that says One Love in Hawaiian and I live out of my backpack) so when I see people who can 100% identify themselves as one thing and not the other I have a sense of admiration and awe.

I have not had very many items on the menu but each item has been far from a disappointment and I do love their Green Juice (Cucumbers, kale, spinach, parsley, bok choy and celery) as it feels like an instant to boost my energy. Everything here in Bali seems to be pan or deep friend in some sort of greasy oil so it’s great to be do something healthy for your body in a simple but dense and nutritious drink.

This is definitely a must-see in Ubud even if you’re not totally committed to being a vegan.

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It is located about 3-5 min passed the Bridges Bali by motorbike and 8-10 min walking. The hill can be a little scary on foot since it get’s pretty narrow with little foresight of the traffic headed around the curb but it is possible. Order at the bar for drinks and don’t forget to check out the back for the Raw Chocolate. Upstairs is under renovation, can’t wait to see what will be up there!

Check out their website HERE.

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