Why I Got Married on the Appalachian Trail

April 16 2016, I hiked 8 miles to get married on a cliff on the AT (Appalachian Trail) at McAfee Knob Lookout. But what’s better than that? I dragged my entire non-hiking family up there with me.

kaylee-chris-wedding_0416_0184 kaylee-chris-wedding_0416_0063 kaylee-chris-wedding_0416_0079 kaylee-chris-wedding_0416_0081

Chris and I met in Hawaii. I was super into hiking the legal (and illegal) hikes that Oahu had to offer and often organized hiking adventures a couple times a week to my friends and anyone else who might be interested. When Chris showed up as a friend’s guest I gave him the same speech I give all people about to adventure with me: “You better be prepared, because calling a helicopter to rescue you will not be an option on my hikes. Oh and wear shoes you don’t mind destroying.” Chris smirked and said “Yeah, I know how to hike.” Let’s see about that, were my thoughts.

Turns out, Chris was more of a kick-ass hardcore hiker than I was. He move to Hawaii from Washington state and was an avid rock climber as well as a hiker. We got along really well so when it came time for him to move to Virginia, I moved with him. (After a short 3 month pit stop in Asia where I hiked Mt. Batur in Bali.)

After we got engaged I declared that I wanted to get married on this cliff (showing him a photo) at the closest hiking range near us, which was 5 hours away. I had never hiked this trail, but I saw the beauty in the photo. We took a day trip (10 hour drive) and hiked the trail in 3 hours- it was a perfect hike; not too hard, easily marked and breathtaking. It was US.

I sent out the seeded invites to our closest family and friends, (you plant the invitations they grow flowers check them out here) and by some miracle of love: we got our families to climb up the mountain with us so we could exchange our vows. Oh and our puppy came, too! He’s the cutie in the middle.

kaylee-chris-wedding_0416_0174 kaylee-chris-wedding_0416_0196kaylee-chris-wedding_0416_0213

I wanted our wedding to be an experience, something unique no one would forget. I think we nailed it. 🙂

Where would your (or was your) unique wedding be? Comment below!





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